Is Suicide Selfish?

Someone very near and dear to me recently attempted to commit suicide. And i happened to be there to see the effects of their actions. I forced them to go to the hospital because i knew that if they didn’t go, they would die. 

And as i looked at them, laying in that bed with tears in their eyes, as they explained how they prayed at night that God would not wake them up so they could still be accepted into heaven, i thought.

"Who am i to force someone to be in a place that has only filled them with sadness? Why institutionalize someone and have them feel like a prisoner, when there is a way for them to be happy?"

Now i know some will say, “suicide is sin, and those who commit go to hell.”

But the amount of love i have for them is so strong, that all i want is for them to be happy, at any cost. Suicide is not selfish, we are selfish for making them stay with us because we know that WE, ourselves, without them, we will be sad. But life goes on for us, we will learn to cope. People who are so exhausted that death seems better than life are not the ones who we should be judged.


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